About Samarpan Alchemy Publishing

  Samarpan Alchemy Publications has been created as a way to offer readers – either through eBooks or traditional print books – new perspectives on energy healing and personal development / transformation… along with information which is practical, beneficial, and inspiring. Our current list of published works include: Energy Boundaries – Volume 1 Energy Boundaries …


About Our Product Websites

  We have developed a range of different product websites… offering both physical and downloadable digital products to all those people who are interesting in personal and spiritual development. Currently available: www.audio-crystals.com Coming very soon: www.audio-astrology.com www.crystal-holograms.com www.audioessences.com www.intuitive-business.com www.polaritytantra.com We also offer several of our products for sale on Amazon: Amazon available products

About Crystal Holograms

  Over the years, a number of different ways have been developed in which you can programme a distinct vibration into a crystal. The Crystal Hologram process, which I have developed and refined over a 10 year period, carries out the vibrational programming using energy tools… plus a real-life lazer! Using this method, the vibration …


Our Online Friends

  There are a number of people, who Samarpan Alchemy considers to be our Online Friends, and whom we are happy to promote and support. Nicholas Pearson Nicholas Pearson is one of the most talented authors to appear in the crystal healing arena in many years, and to date he has written 3 books on …