About Crystal Holograms


Over the years, a number of different ways have been developed in which you can programme a distinct vibration into a crystal.

The Crystal Hologram process, which I have developed and refined over a 10 year period, carries out the vibrational programming using energy tools… plus a real-life lazer!

Using this method, the vibration which has been programmed into the Clear Quartz crystal is very “robust and safe”, when compared to some other types of crystal programming, because the vibration expands as a hologram throughout the whole crystal matrix… and this energy hologram can only be removed through a specific clearing process… which involves 2 lazers.

Also, each Crystal Hologram is individually created, and not mass produced in some kind of “energy copier”.

Wearing a Crystal Hologram is a passive method of energy work, and so works without your needing to consciously do anything. It is therefore ideal to wear whenever you need additional protection or support while going about your day-to-day life.

A range of different Crystal Holograms will be available on its own website – coming very soon!