About Our Web & Social Media Presence


In addition to this website, we also have a range of other websites and social media platforms to support different interests and communities. Please feel free to like, follow or join those that appeal to you.

Below is our current list, but there are plans to add and extend in the coming months and years… so stay tuned!


Our Blog Website can be found at Vibrational Doorways, and here we regularly post articles on a number of different areas connected to the sphere of personal transformation and vibrational healing.

In support of this Blog Website, we also have a Facebook Page with the same name Vibrational Doorways, and each time we put up out an article on the website, we also post out to the page… and so liking and following the page is a great way to keep up-to-date with all our online offerings.


We have a Facebook Group, which has turned into a large, supportive online community of Crystal Hearts, devoted to the exploration of the field of crystal love, crystal healing and therapy, and anyone is invited to join us at Vibrational Doorways Crystals.


A Facebook Group devoted to the exploration of Energy Astrology, a unique approach to the field of astrology, is coming at the end of April 2017. More information about this will be posted to our Facebook Page Vibrational Doorways nearer the time.

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