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Currently a number of our products are available on Amazon, either on Amazon.com or via the many national Amazon websites around the world (with the single exception of Amazon China).

Our current list of products available on Amazon:

Energy Boundaries – Volume 1

Energy Boundaries – Volume 2

Energy Boundaries – Volume 3

Energy Boundaries – Volume 4

Energy Boundaries – Volume 5

Energy Boundaries – Volume 6

More Amazon products coming very soon!


  1. Hi there,

    I recently bought and read Gay Polarity Tantra (which was a great experience, thank you!).

    But at the end of the book I was instructed to download the second volme at the adress “http://samarpan-alchemy.co.uk/ebooks.php”, using the password FREEDOM1798, but when I try to go to the prompted adress it returns me with “Page Not Found”.

    Could you kindly send it to my e-mail so I can continue to read your book?

    Also, sorry for any misspeling and cheers from Brazil!

    Thanks in advance,
    Gabriel Marcondes

    • Hi Grabriel,
      Sorry for late reply… but we were waiting for something positive to offer you.

      Apologies for this situation with the old website… we have been let down by our previous developer in a big way, and had to scrap our old website… and the new website is just a holding site until we get the new offerings in place… which will be better then before…

      However, this let down gave us an opportunity to re-think our offers, make them more practical… so old pdf has been retired… and will be replaced by something better come Easter.

      However… in the meantime… we have put up some of the “better” to this website:


      Which is free to access + use… and contains different Audio Essences to help you step into some very healing and empowering vibrations…

      Once again we apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment that this has caused… and hope you like the free Audio Essence offerings…

      Yours insincerely / GPT team

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