Our Online Friends



There are a number of people, who Samarpan Alchemy considers to be our Online Friends, and whom we are happy to promote and support.

Nicholas Pearson

Nicholas Pearson is one of the most talented authors to appear in the crystal healing arena in many years, and to date he has written 3 books on different areas of crystals and crystal healing. and he will be publishing many more in the next few years.

His 1st book with Inner Traditions, The Seven Archetypal Stones:








His second book, Crystals for Karmic Healing:








His 3rd book, Crystal Healing for the Heart:








More information can be found about Nicholas Pearson at his Facebook page The Luminous Pearl… and he is also a very contributor to our Vibrational Doorways Crystals Facebook Group.

Further information about Nicholas can be found at:

Nicholas Pearson’s Amazon Author Page

Nicholas Pearson’s Inner Traditions Author Page

Sue & Simon Lilly