About Light Body Radiance


The Orin & Daben Light Body Radiance course is only taught Live, and currently only taught by Samarpan Alchemy in the United Kingdom. Brian Parsons is authorized by LuminousEssence Productions to teach other AYLB Body Teachers… and is also authorized to teach students all 7 Frequency sets. 

Radiance – Self-Exciting & Filling in the Frequencies

What Is Radiance?

As you awakened your light body, you gained more emotional flow and mental fluidity. You moved closer to consciously creating states that are the beginning of Radiance. A potential next step is to build your light body through learning the skills of self-exciting and filling in the frequencies.

Self-exciting is a skill and a state of being on which many other light body skills and states of consciousness are based, and the filled in frequencies will give you a deeper and more stable experience of your light body.

The purpose of self-exciting is to create opportunities for “moment-to-moment” awareness so you can operate from the present moment, your point of power.

Beyond the layers of the Renawre cocoon, you are developing a light body cocoon which extends out approximately thirty feet in all directions. In the Radiance course you will learn frequencies of light that fill in your light body cocoon. As you work with these frequencies you can gain new qualities of consciousness, both in the higher spaces and in your daily life.

As you fill in the frequencies, you begin to fill in those places that you were not able to have consciousness in before. You become aware of things you were not aware of before. As you fill in the frequencies, you can expand and become more than the “you” with which you are familiar. You can experience yourself and your life in new ways, move through stuck places, and have a larger, more complete vision of your life and your future.

In the higher spaces, more consciousness gives you the ability to get a stronger felt-sense of the patterns there, an ability to visualize, or to follow your awareness and develop it. When you come back from these spaces you will notice that you have developed more consciousness. You may find that you have a new view of things or that you are able to discover many new things about an area you have been working on that you had not noticed before.

Everything on the earth plane is composed of frequencies of light and energy. You will be shown how to find things as energy so you can work on things as essence before they come into your world of form. You can affect, change, and manifest new circumstances, projects, and anything else in this way. When you find things as energy in the light body spaces and work on them from this level, you have an incredible ability to manifest forms that carry much light and serve you over time. You will be able to create what you want more easily and with less effort. You will receive insights about what actions to take to manifest what you have found as energy. Let go of struggle and worry, and do things in a lighter, more joyful, and effective way.

Throughout the Radiance course you will be taken on many guided journeys to teach you how to work with your light body in practical ways, such as showing you ways to use your light body to surrender and trust, create a flowing day, change things with light, recharge your “solar batteries,” and stay in the flow. You will work with the Enlightened Ones to receive their transmissions of light.

You will travel to Shamballa to work with the light of higher purpose and Higher Will, the Spiritual Sun. You will learn how to draw its energy into your life to add its qualities of Spiritual will, love, light, and energy into your being. You will learn more about connecting with the Universal Mind and the Higher Will to receive creative ideas and to be in the flow. You will learn how to soul link and become like two suns with a loved one to increase the love between you. You will meet and work with Masters and Enlightened Ones to transform your consciousness.

Every time you work with these frequencies you enhance your life force energy. Every moment you spend playing with these frequencies gives you clearer inner vision, new thoughts, and more light that begins to permeate every area of your life. You open your consciousness to new, higher ways of thinking, feeling, and being. You will be challenged to let go of what you think is possible, release preconceived ideas about your potential, and open to a new experience and vision of yourself and your life.

As you fill in the frequencies, you will be opening to a greater flow of energy and vibrancy. Although the rate of your growth will accelerate with these filled in frequencies, it will be easier for you to handle this growth. You can have an abundant, joyful life and bring increasing levels of light, love, harmony, and order into everything about you. You have the ability to do more than you have ever dreamed possible.

In the Radiance course you will learn more about your increasing radiance, what to do with it, how to use it to change your life, grow spiritually, develop mindfulness, and experience greater emotional flow.


Self-exciting is an essential skill and tool to understanding energy in ways that allow you to be supported by the energies about you, where you can join the flow, and can have the experience of “everything working.”

When you are in a self-exciting state, it is easy to be your experience and to be carried by the energies. There is no sense of self-criticism or self-judgment. You have mental fluidity—when thoughts come up, there is no emotional attachment to them; they are simply there. You are in a different state of time; things can be rapid and slow simultaneously. There is a feeling of oneness; you can sense the way you fit into everything else. Light moves differently and becomes more tangible. You are in your flow.

When your energy and light becomes self-exciting, everything you do contributes to increasing your light. Your mind is clear and your thoughts flow one into another without circling around. Each thought brings you a new idea, insight, or clarity to what you are thinking about. You are more connected to your higher mind; you are creative, intuitive, and aware of your inner guidance. Your emotions are flowing, peaceful, and harmonious. Your heart is open; you have no need to protect or defend yourself because you can use all the energy around you to go higher, even if it is what you used to call “negative energy.”

Being in self-exciting states opens the potential for you to experience having no thoughts. You can discover ways to just be, allowing yourself to know your true Self beyond your thoughts and personality. Living in self-exciting states makes it easier to know how to live your life as a soul.

In this course you will learn the energy skills for self-exciting. The benefits of acquiring the self-exciting skill will be uniquely yours. As you explore, you might experience: times of living more fully in the present moment; an enhanced ability to experience being in your flow and knowing peace and calm; an increased ability to generate emotional flow, mental fluidity, physical ease, and clarity; and continuous opportunities for joy and play.

You must place your growing radiance in order to maintain the flow of light you have begun. In this course the light body gridwork is used for placing your radiance. But you can place your radiance into anything that can resonate with the energy you create. This can be people, projects you are working on, your light body or Renawre cocoon, higher beings such as Masters, guides, and the nonhuman kingdoms such as animals, plants, minerals, or the earth itself. As you grow you assist all life to grow.

Frequencies of Vision

Working with the Vision frequencies can assist you in better observing and experiencing your light body, and know what to do to enhance emotional flow and mental clarity. You can use them to see the subtle energy patterns of crystals, plants, and earth energies.

You can work on various areas of your life as energy to create profound and effortless shifts. You can “set the energy” so situations and events in your life come about in higher, more harmonious, open, expansive, and loving ways. These frequencies have a direct effect on the veils of unknowingness, changing that fogginess into clear sight. You can see more of who you are and why you are here. You will learn how to use the light body energies in a practical way such as to stay in a higher flow, release resistance to growth, get out of lower states more rapidly, surrender and trust, and set the energy to have the highest day possible.

The consciousness these frequencies bring allows you to observe, see, and experience things more clearly, with greater understanding. As you play with these frequencies of vision, you can use them throughout the day to gain a new perspective. You can choose actions that have the most flow and carry you the furthest. You can better understand people and change things by working on them as energy.

Frequencies of Precision

The precision frequencies allow you to sense more detail about whatever you focus on, and to have a greater awareness of the energy about you. These frequencies can make the things you are sensing or experiencing in the light body spaces more visible to you and help you get clearer insights and to find things as energy more easily.

These frequencies increase your awareness in each moment, developing a fineness to your awareness and to your ability to reach higher. Playing with the frequencies of precision can increase your awareness of and ability to manifest with light. As you work with the precision frequencies you may notice an enhanced awareness about many areas of your life even when you are not running the energy. Playing with the frequencies of precision can increase your consciousness, the very essence of the process of reaching enlightenment.

These are wonderful journeys where you learn how to precisely radiate just the right amount of light into people, things, situations, your environment, and into your physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies to create profound transformation. Precision can manifest in your day-to-day routines as you place your radiance with precision, only putting energy into those things that can hold your light. Doing this can bring about the highest and best results and create more peace, harmony, flow, and light in every situation.

Frequencies of Intensity

The intensity frequencies can amplify the light that is present in any situation, in your aura, and in any thing you work with. They can be used to increase your personal power, and your ability to manifest, to experience light body energies, and to increase the flow of life force energy in your body. You can use these frequencies to intensify your experience of love, bliss, joy, compassion, harmony, and any quality of radiance you bring into your life.

They can change and refine your awareness to allow you to become conscious of many things that were not visible to you before in your environment, relationships, and anything you focus on.

As you work with these frequencies and enhance your awareness, you will be increasing the light in your mental body, and will acquire something new in your awareness. You can sense, observe, and notice things that were always there, but not “visible” to you before.

As you gain more skill you can begin to use these frequencies to think about an idea or situation in your life, look at all the nuances, subtleties, and “energies within the energy.” You can look at layers of a situation, project, or idea, using your mental body in a way that has been called “creative, intuitive, or illuminated.”

Frequencies of Clarity

The frequencies of clarity will assist you in experiencing states of pure knowingness and clear intuition to see your life and choices with greater clarity. You can experience more of the divinity and oneness of all life, and you will be able to add light all about you, and to experience your higher mind and consciousness as energy.

You will be able to experience and add various qualities of light, such as the violet light, the light of the Higher Will, and Solar Light to any area of your life to transform it. You will experience blending with the master, releasing attachments, and exploring right effort and mindfulness. You will work with the Masters to key your vibratory note to a higher vibration and to strengthen your connection to your soul. You will work with the Solar Light and Beings of Light who will amplify your unique patterns of light so you may see your path and purpose more clearly.

Frequencies of Harmony

Work with the harmony frequencies to harmonize with all life in the Universe, and to release limitations. You can experience more harmony in every area of your life. These frequencies connect you with the light within yourself, all beings, and all forms.

With these frequencies, you can become aware of both the higher dimensions and your third-dimensional world simultaneously, operating from a higher awareness more often. The harmony frequencies take you into the fourth dimension, allowing you to work with essence and bring it into form in a way that contains more light.

You will learn how to connect soul-to-soul and play as two suns with a loved one to increase the love between you. You will be taken you into the Solar Light and the fourth dimension so you can experience the light that creates matter, and work with it to birth new circumstances, relationships, and objects into your life.

Frequencies of Brilliance

Brilliance frequencies allow you to experience an ever-expanding sense of light and the ability to place light into areas where light of this type has never existed before and your ability to live in more and more light increases. These are wonderful frequencies that teach you to birth light where there was none before.

Playing with the brilliance frequencies can assist you in finding things as energy, and having clearer and more concrete insights about specific actions to take. Those circumstances, relationships, and things that cannot hold this level of brilliance will leave your life, and those things that can hold more light will come into your life.  You can experience infinity—of love, abundance, and anything else you choose.

Frequencies of Transparency

The transparency frequencies are more advanced than the frequencies presented so far. They provide an opportunity to develop a skill that will enhance your experience of all frequencies and states of consciousness that you might explore. You can learn to become transparent to all the energies about you, to just “be” your experience and experience moment-to-moment awareness moving beyond thinking and interpreting what is happening.

You can become a part of the entirety of your experience at all levels. These frequencies draw you to a sense of flow and a new sense of peace that may be beyond and deeper than any peace you have experienced before. By continuing to follow this “new” experience, and the transparency frequency as it unfolds and deepens, you have the opportunity to discover more and more about the basic nature of your ability to experience and to just be your experience moment-to-moment without interpretation.

After you experience the peace that is a part of the experience of working with the transparency frequencies, you have the opportunity to discover this sense of peace even in ordinary reality, through direct experience and insights. The transparency frequencies may assist you in your channeling to be transparent to your own energies so your guide, higher self, soul, and spirit can shine through more clearly, without interference from you trying to “control” the experience.