Energy Boundaries – Volume 6


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Subjects covered in Energy Boundaries Volume 6:

• Glamours & the Pain Body
• Ancestral Healing & Thought Essence
• Chiron, Glamours & the No Boundary Space
• You Can Do Me No Harm

In the Energy Boundaries ebook series you will find information relating to:

• The problems which occur if you don’t have effective personal boundaries.
• The problems which occur as you struggle to create and maintain effective energy boundaries.
• The problems which occur if your boundaries are too rigid and inflexible.

And what you can do to start overcoming these problems and obstacles, and begin living the life you have always dreamed of, establishing more secure, supportive, productive and fulfilling relationships.

From the Introduction (Volume 1):

“It took me until I was 50 to nail these issues… but my hope is that you may be able to do it much earlier in your cycle, using the information and processes contained in this book, and so reap the benefits earlier than I did. But it won’t just be about theory… there will be plenty of practical stuff you can do to create and maintain effective energy boundaries… a whole range of different techniques, ideas and suggestions, designed for different personal situations. Hard won experience counts… and this is what human beings do, we pass on what we have learnt… especially when it is the important stuff.”

This book has been written for the absolute beginner and energy practitioner alike, and explores the subject from many different perspectives, providing the reader with both theoretical understanding and a range of practical, easy to apply solutions.