About Energy Cards



Just as it is possible to capture, record and store a subtle vibration on to a sound file (Audio Essence), or into a quartz crystal (Crystal Hologram), so it is also possible to record and store vibrations on to a piece of paper or card… and when you do this, you create an Energy Card.

An Energy Card works in a way similar to a bar code on a product purchased in a shop, only the bar code is vibrational in nature, and it is your aura / energy field which does the reading and interpreting of the subtle information.

An Energy Card is a passive method, and so works without your needing to consciously do anything. It it therefore ideal to wear / carry when you need protection while going about your day-to-day life, or need a specific energy boost. They are cheaper then Crystal Holograms, and so may be more affordable, and unlike actual crystals, they do not require regular energy cleansing.

A range of different Energy Cards will be available on a website – coming very soon!