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Energy Astrology is currently offered either as a Live Course… or as single Audio Essence MP3s, which contain the vibration for each Planet in Sign. The individual MP3 Audio Essences will soon be available to purchase and download from the Audio Astrology website from anywhere in the world. You can therefore choose to experience Energy Astrology either through the individual purchase of the MP3s for your specific chart, or within the space of one single Live weekend (although the Live option is currently only available in the United Kingdom).

I am often asked these 3 questions:

  • What is Energy Astrology?
  • How does it work?
  • What can it offer me?

Which are all pretty reasonable questions to ask when you are considering investing time and money in a new personal development course / system.

I have found the best way to answer these 3 questions is to explain the process which initially brought Energy Astrology into existence, a process which has taken nearly 20 years to complete (and is probably not complete even now, but is still ongoing… there is probably lots still to learn and explore… always is).

The story starts with my training as a crystal therapy practitioner, and my subsequent research into the subtle anatomy of the human body – the chakras and nadis of the Yoga and Ayurvedic systems, and the meridians, vessels and tan tiens of the Chinese system.

What has always fascinated me is that there are two main energy systems within the human body… apparently separate, and yet overlapping… and in some kind of resonance with each other.

Note: Actually, there is more then two… but that’s for another post… for the moment. let’s stick with two.

This research led me to develop a number of crystal therapy techniques which work with the different areas and components of these subtle energy anatomical structures.

The next step on from this was the realization that there was a link between the chakras and the astrological planets.

Now many spiritual and healing traditions have believed, or still believe, there is a direct relationship between the planets and the chakras… between the down & in here… and the up & out there.

For example, in his book Ayurvedic Astrology, David Frawley explores the correspondence between the 7 main chakras and the 7 inner planets within the context of Indian Astrology.

Building upon this belief for there being a direct energetic relationship between the planets and the chakras, I worked out a list of correspondences between the 14 main planetary and point energies of the astrological chart and their chakra equivalents, which is outlined in the following table:

Planet Chakra
Sun Heart
Moon Sacral
Mecury Hands / Feet
Venus Throat
Mars Solar Plexus
Jupiter Base
Saturn Elbows / Knees
Chiron Thymus
Uranus Brow
Neptune Crown
Pluto Soma
IC / MC Bottom / Top of Sushumna Nadi
North Mode / South Node Upper / Lower Connection between

Ida & Pingala


It is important to recognize that this table does not completely tally with other spiritual and healing systems which define the correspondences between the planets and the chakras.

In fact, with the exception of the Sun, Moon, and Mars, these other systems often do not agree among themselves on which planet correspond to which chakra.

From my experience of working with the above planet / chakra correspondences, and from the experience of other Energy Astrology students, it has been found that:

  • No one system is ever going to hold the complete picture of a chakra’s energy, as the energy is too vast and multi-dimensional for that. What is important is the question “Does this particular planet / chakra correspondence work for you, does it provide you with new insights and healing“.
  • Human consciousness and potential is constantly changing and evolving over time, and as it does so, new resonances and correspondences between the planets and the chakras surface, and so the planets may indeed start to be experienced and felt in different chakras.
  • The nadis – the energy lines which flow between and through the chakras and so create them through their vibrations – are of primary importance; and in Energy Astrology each energy transmission for a chakra is really the energy transmission for the 12 nadis which create that chakra, which creates as complete an energetic set-up for that chakra as it is possible to achieve.
  • Because each chakra is created by the nadis which flow through it, this means that the energy flow along the nadis, and so between the chakras, corresponds to the various planetary aspects found on an astrological chart.
  • It is possible to map not just the planetary energies on to the human subtle anatomy, but also the various energy points found on an astrological chart, such as the IC / MC axis, which relates to the sushumna channel, and the North Node / South Node axis, which relates to the Ida / Lunar and Pingala / Solar nadis.

After the establishment of a table of correspondences between the planets and chakras, the next stage in the development of Energy Astrology was the discovery of the life work of Reinhold Ebertin (1901 – 1988), a German physician and astrologer who was very influential in the field of medical astrology and is considered to be the founder of modern cosmobiology. In his book The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin lists the following correspondences between the 12 meridians and the 12 zodiac signs, outlined below:


Meridians Zodiac Sign
Kidneys Aries
Triple Warmer Taurus
Liver Gemini
Stomach Cancer
Heart Leo
Large Intestine Virgo
Heart Protector Libra
Bladder Scorpio
Spleen Sagittarius
Gallbladder Capricorn
Lungs Aquarius
Small Intestine Pisces


When I used Ebertin’s list and cross-referenced the meaning of zodiac sign against the meaning for its corresponding meridian in the Chinese medical system, and then later in the Kinesiology system, I found a remarkable similarity and resonance between them.

For example:

  • One of the challenges for Libra is to find balance in relationships, so that you can be supportive for others without compromising your own sense of self, and not allow people to walk all over you. One of the functions of the Heart Protector meridian in the Chinese medical system is to set appropriate boundaries between yourself and others, so that you only lower your defenses for people you want to be intimate with, but have strong boundaries around people who might want to abuse or control you.
  • In the Chinese medical system, the Gallbladder meridian is seen as the decision-maker, and is linked to our ability to take decisive action and be courageous. In astrology, Capricorn is often portrayed as being the most decisive and ambitious of the Zodiac signs, and is known for its strong mental focus.
  • The astrological sign of Aries is known as the pioneer and the adventurer, and is seen as the individual who needs to face and overcome life’s challenges. In the Chinese medical system, the Kidneys are seen as the container for the life-force of the body, and the source of our willpower, our ability for overcome life’s challenges.
  • In the Chinese medical system, the Small Intestine meridian is linked to truth and our ability to discern truth from untruth. Pisces is known for its ability to walk the fine line between reality and fantasy, which is another way of describing truth and untruth.

I could go on, but’s enough for now… and also, the correspondences between the planets and chakras also make similar sense.

I have found Ebertin’s list of correspondences between the signs and meridians does indeed work, and increases our understanding of both the meridian system and astrological systems. And most importantly… it helps people make sense of their livesand also gives them practical and effective tools to help them live up to their higher nature, and to achieve their life-potential. 

You see.. establishing the link between the 12 meridians and the 12 zodiac signs meant that the crystal techniques which are helpful for a particular meridian could also be used when working with a problematic or loaded sign within an individual’s natal chart.

But there was still the question of the 12 houses; did the 12 houses also have an energetic equivalent in the human subtle anatomy?

I reasoned that if the houses did have an energetic counterpart in the human subtle anatomy, then it would most likely lie within the meridian system itself, for the 12 houses are closely associated with the 12 zodiac signs, which as we have seen above are linked to the 12 meridians.

well… I discovered that there is a subtle web of 144 energy lines which connect all of the 12 meridians to each other (and which even connects a meridian to itself).

Each of these 144 energy lines corresponds to one of the 144 possible zodiac / houses combinations which exist on a natal chart – i.e. Aries in the 1st House, or Capricorn in the 7th House, or Pisces in the 11th House.

It is interesting to note that in the Chinese system, there are often references to a fine web of energy which lies below the level of the meridians, and which connects them all. It is this energy web which ties the house system into an individual’s subtle anatomy.

So, at this point in the story, I had developed crystal therapy techniques to help an individual work with:

  • Planets
  • Signs
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • IC/MC
  • Nodal Axis

The final breakthrough moment came for Energy Astrology was born was shortly after the birth of Audio Essences (a technology to record and transmit subtle vibrations in digital format)… when I realized that is was not only possible to upload a vibration relating to a planet… but then combine it with the vibration for a sign / meridian… and then I suddenly realized that it was possible to transmit:

  • Sun in Aries in 7th House
  • Jupiter in Cancer in 12th House
  • Mars and Saturn in any aspect
  • North Node in Gemini in 7th House and South Node in Sagittarius in 1st House
  • IC in Taurus and the MC in Scorpio

Or any other combination of planet / sign / houses energies to be found in an individual’s astrological natal chart.

When I realized that, I also realized that I had accidentally stumbled upon a new way of working with an astrological chart for personal development and inner growth… and this is what I call Energy Astrology.

Now I know… I know… that is a huge claim to make… a monumental claim in fact… but, first, I admit … I only got here by standing on the shoulders of the Giants who came before

… And anything I claim… try it out for yourself… see if I am right about any of this.

How the planets influence people on earth is still unclear, but from the work I have done, it would appear that the planetary / sign / house pattern at the moment of birth is literally imprinted / burnt on to our subtle anatomy – through the relationship and resonance between the chakras and certain meridians – just in the same way as a music track can be burnt on to a blank CD.

From that point onwards, it is not that we cannot experience other planetary energies, for our chakras, nadis and meridians are like antenna continually awake to the ever changing energy broadcasts around us.

But the chakras / meridians / signs which were directly experienced at the time of birth are where we are overly sensitive, the energy does not flow as easily through them as our other energy channels, and so our personality starts to crystallize and form around these areas.

It is a popular belief that the astrological natal chart, the chart calculated using the date, time and location of our birth, is the closest thing we will ever have to a user manual for our life, our personality and our higher purpose.

Each of the planets is said to represent a specific type of energy, and where the planet is placed in our individual natal chart shows how and where that energy functions in our life. An astrological chart can therefore show and guides us to a better and deeper understanding of our strengths and our weaknesses, our potential and our problem areas.

Because each planet is in a different sign and house, depending on the date, time and location of birth, so the energies which is expressed through the chart will be different for each individual.

For example, assertiveness will be different for each of us, the ability to nurture ourselves and feel self-worth will be different, the appreciation of beauty with be different, and the ability to get our needs met will also be different for each of us.

The challenge for an individual, therefore, is to identify exactly how these energies are different, and learn to appreciate this uniqueness so that it starts to work for them, and not against them.

However, to understand an astrological chart normally requires years of work and study, at the end of which a person may have an intellectual knowledge of the planetary energies, but lack the direct connection and experience of the individual energies which can lead to the mastery and fulfillment of life.

With Energy Astrology, it is now possible to explainwork with… even transmit to an individual the exact energies found within their astrological chart, the exact transmissions for each planet in its specific sign and in its specific house.

It is also possible to transmit the complete energies which form an astrological house within a natal chart, and also the different energies which create a particular planetary aspect.

The benefit this brings to an individual is that they are able to directly and easily experience and feel for themselves how the energy of their different planets set-ups in their psyche, both the energies which they feel at ease with and also those energies which they may find harder to acknowledge and own.

Once an individual can feel and accept a planetary energy, this can open a space for a shift in many areas of their life – relationships, abundance, health, work, spiritual growth, and creativity.

On a practical Energy Astrology weekend, an individual will be able to experience these planetary energies even if they have no previous knowledge of astrology, for the energy transmissions in this course work on a level above and beyond the rational mind. The only real skill which is required is the ability to relax and feel energy.

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